ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Adding Jobs

Service Jobs can be added from 2 different points: the 'Jobs -> Add New Job' menu, or by clicking Add Job on the Customer Details page.

Method 1: 'Jobs -> Add New Job'

  1. Click 'Jobs -> Add New Job'
  2. Search for a customer using the text box on the left. This box will search for customers by: Name, Email, Phone, Mobile, Email & Address
  3. Once the customer you would like to add a job for has appeared on the right-hand-side, click on their name.
  4. You will now be redirected to the 'Add Job' page for that customer.
  5. Continue to the 'New Job Details' section below.

Method 2: 'Add Job' button on Customer Details page

  1. From the customer details page, click the 'Add Job' button.
  2. You will now be redirected to the 'Add Job' page for that customer.
  3. Continue to the 'New Job Details' section below.

New Job Details


1: Customer Details

The customers details are listed here. They cannot be edited from this screen - to edit them, click the customers name to be taken to the Customer Details page.

2: Booking Details

See the table below for details on each field.

Assigned To The staff member/tech this job is assigned to. Check the 'SMS' or 'Email' box to send a message to notify them of this new job.
Store If you have multiple stores, select the appropriate store for this job.
Warranty If this is a warranty repair, select the appropriate warranty type from the dropdown. Additional fields will appear if any warranty type is selected.
PC ID If this computer has an associated PC ID, enter it here. This will link this job to the PC ID in ShopManager's Computers database.
Quote First Check if the customer has requested a quote before performing repairs.
Important Data Check if the customer has informed you they have data they must keep.
Priority Job Check to mark this job as 'Priority'. This will bump this job above other non-priority jobs in the Job List queue. It will also add a 'Priority Fee' as defined in shop_manager if applicable.
Alt Contact/Phone If there is an alternate contact for this job, enter their details here.

3: Job/Repair Details

See the table below for details on each field.

Type Select the type of system/job. Configurable in shop_manager.
Brand Enter a brand, or select one from the dropdown menu. Dropdown configurable in shop_manager.
Serial Number If you wish to track serial numbers, enter it here.
Accessories Check the check-boxes appropriate for each accessory the customer has supplied: Power, Bag & Other. Additional Dymo labels will be printed for each accessory supplied.
Password If the computer has a password, select 'Yes' and enter it in the text box that appears. If not, choose 'No'.
Notes Notes for the job - damage, special requests, etc etc.
Description The details for the job - what repairs/service/upgrades are requested, what faults are to be diagnosed, etc.
Common Jobs This dropdown will populate the 'Description' field when selected. Configurable in commons.

4: Add Job

To just add the job, click 'Add Job', or to print a receipt after adding, click 'Add Job & Print Receipt'.