ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5


Location: _application/config/shop_manager.php

Please Note: As of v3.1.3, many settings have been moved to the 'Admin -> Settings' page in your ShopManager system.

FTP Backup Server

backup_is_enabled TRUE = Yes, use backups, FALSE = No.
backup FTP Settings: hostname, username, password, port #, passive.
backup_remote_dir Directory on remote FTP server that will house backups.
backup_days_to_keep Number of days to keep backups (when cron job is enabled, older backups will be automatically disabled).

SMS Settings

sms_enabled TRUE = Yes, use SMS sending functionality, FALSE = No.
sms_carrier Which SMS carrier to use. Currently supported are 'sms_global' and 'clickatell'
sms_config Gateway authentication settings: username, password, sender ID and API ID (for clickatell only)

Click to Call Settings

c2c_enabled TRUE = Yes, use Click-To-Call functionality, FALSE = No.
c2c_server IP/FQDN for Asterisk server

Admin username

c2c_secret Admin password/secret
c2c_extensions Extensions to use (must be in format: 'number' => 'display name', 'number' => 'display name') Gateway Settings

auth_net_enable TRUE = Yes, enable gateway, FALSE = No.
auth_net_api_login_id API Login ID
auth_net_transaction_key API Transaction Key

Other Settings

upload -> upload_path Directory on server to upload service job attachments. Default is './uploads/'. As of v3.1 this should not be changed.
upload -> allowed_types File types allowed to upload for service job attachments. Seperate extensions with |
brand_logos Directory on server for brand logos - used on Workshop Display. Default is './images/logos/'. As of v3.1 this should not be changed.
brands Array of brand names used on New Job dropdown.
Job Types Array of Job Type labels used on New Job dropdown.
PC Types Array of PC Type labels used on New Job & New PC dropdown.

Date/Time Formats

date_global_* Date/Time formats as used throughout ShopManager. Each line's suffix describes it's format.

Payment Methods

payment_methods Array of accepted payment methods.