ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Language Files

Location: _application/language/english/biz_lang.php

Business Details

biz_name Business Name
biz_phone Phone Number
biz_address Address
biz_suburb Suburb/Town
biz_state State/Province
biz_postcode ZIP / Postcode
biz_country Country
biz_url URL (do not include http:// or trailing slash)
biz_tax Tax ID (include prefix - i.e. "ABN: 123 4567 890")
biz_email Email Address
biz_logo Location of logo (relative to SM domain).

Location: _application/language/english/sm_lang.php

General Texts

sm_cust_sources [X] Where X = 0++, these populate the "Found Us By" dropdown on the add-new-customer form. Use caution when updating these on a populated database.
sm_cost_type_X Texts for types of service job costs. By default: 1 = Parts, 2 = Labour, 3 = Charges. Requires 3 types only.
sm_osr_type_X Texts for types of on-site/remote service job.s By default: 1 = On-Site, 2 = Remote. Requires 2 types only.

Receipt Texts

sm_receipt_footer_priority Text displayed on footer when service job marked as "Priority".
sm_receipt_footer_standard Text displayed on footer when service job NOT marked as "Priority".
sm_receipt_footer_advert Advertisement on bottom of receipts.
sm_receipt_terms_conds Terms & Conditions displayed on bottom of check-in receipt.
sm_invoice_terms_conds Terms & Conditions displayed on bottom of check-out invoice.