ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Job Details

Once you've added a job, you can see the 'Job Details' page. This includes all the information on each service job, including notes, costs, time in+out, payment status and more

The typical flow for a service jobs is:

  1. Add Job
  2. Assign Tech
  3. Set job as 'In Progress' (click the 'IP' status image on the top-right-hand-corner)
  4. Add notes as job progresses
  5. Add costs once job is complete
  6. Set job as 'Ready For Collection' (click the 'RFC' status image)
  7. Notify the customer, by phone or SMS (click the 'SMS' link to send)
  8. Once the customer collects, click 'Proceed to Checkout', select the payment type, and checkout with or without a receipt.

If you use a seperate accounting package, you can also add another invoice number with the 'Invoice #' text box under Booking Details.