ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Upgrading to v3.1.5

To upgrade to ShopManager v3.1.5 from v3.1.4, please follow these instructions:

Important Release Notes:


  1. Download the ShopManager v3.1.5 Upgrade from my.iFetch. (My Licenses & Services » License Details)
  2. IMPORTANT: Backup your SM database, and entire SM folder. Whilst data loss is very unlikely, it's better to be safe than sorry!
  3. Delete the entire _system directory. Ensure you have backed up in step 2 first!
  4. Paste the downloaded SM v3.1.5 upgrade into the SM v3.1.4 folder. When asked to replace existing files, select OK.
  5. Open _application/config/shop_manager.php. Find (at the end of the file): /* End of file shop_manager.php */ On a new line, above it, paste: /*
    | Payment Methods Zero Total (When the job total is $0)
    $config['payment_methods_zero_total'][] = "No Charge";
    $config['payment_methods_zero_total'][] = "No Fix";
  6. Open index.php and add your timezone to this line: date_default_timezone_set('Australia/Sydney'); See for the timezone options.
  7. Open http://{yourdomain}/upgrade in your web browser. Click 'BACKUP YOUR DATABSE', then 'Begin Upgrade' to upgrade your database.
  8. Once your database has been upgraded, delete the file: _application/controllers/upgrade.php
  9. Your ShopManager should now be upgraded!