ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Upgrading to v3.1.3

To upgrade to ShopManager v3.1.3 from v3.1.2, please follow these instructions:

Important Release Notes:


  1. Download the ShopManager v3.1.3 Upgrade from my.iFetch.
  2. IMPORTANT: Backup your SM database, and entire SM folder. Whilst data loss is very unlikely, it's better to be safe than sorry!
  3. If you have made any changes to any template files, please make a note of these changes so you can re-apply them after the upgrade. There have been major changes to the template files (particularly for the new Dymo SDK and new customer naming structure), so it is recommended to use the new templates and re-apply your modifications, rather than attempting to upgrade exisiting files. If you wish to attempt to upgrade, use a program such as Notepad++'s file comparison tool - Please Note: No support will be provided for this!

    Be sure to BACKUP your templates folder, as this will be overwritten during the upgrade!
  4. Delete the entire _system directory. Ensure you have backed up in step 2 first!
  5. Paste the downloaded SM v3.1.3 upgrade into the SM v3.1.2 folder. When asked to replace existing files, select OK.
  6. Open http://{yourdomain}/upgrade in your web browser. Click 'BACKUP YOUR DATABSE', then 'Begin Upgrade' to upgrade your database.
  7. Once your database has been upgraded, delete the file: _application/controllers/upgrade.php
  8. You can now re-apply any template changes you had previously.
  9. The majority of settings in shop_manager.php have now been moved to the 'Admin -> Settings' page. Here you have 2 options:
    1. Use the included shop_manager.default.php file - add your settings, and replace your existing shop_manager.php file with it, or;
    2. Add the following new settings to your existing shop_manager.php config file. Note: Any settings that have been moved to the 'Admin -> Settings' page will not be changable from the config file any longer.

      | Job Types
      $config['job_types'][1] = 'Desktop';
      $config['job_types'][2] = 'Notebook';
      $config['job_types'][3] = 'Tablet';
      $config['job_types'][4] = 'Phone';

      | PC Types
      $config['pc_types'][1] = 'Desktop';
      $config['pc_types'][2] = 'Notebook';
      $config['pc_types'][3] = 'Tablet';
      $config['pc_types'][4] = 'Phone';
  10. If you have customised your Dymo label templates, upload your copy to /plugins/dymo/. Ensure the name & extensions match the new format. (*See Dymo Setup for more info)
  11. If you use SM Lite (not Plus or Leased), skip this step. Open up _app/language/english/sm_lang.php, and add before "//Receipt Texts":

    // General Texts
    $lang['sm_device'] = "Computer";
    $lang['sm_devices'] = "Computers";
  12. Your ShopManager should now be upgraded!