ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Upgrading to v3.1.1

To upgrade to ShopManager v3.1.1 from v3.1.0, please follow these instructions:

  1. Download the ShopManager v3.1.1 Upgrade from the client portal.
  2. IMPORTANT: Backup your SM database, and entire SM folder. Whilst data loss is very unlikely, it's better to be safe than sorry!
  3. If you have made any changes to any template files, please make a note of these changes so you can re-apply them after the upgrade.
  4. Paste the downloaded SM v3.1.1 into the SM v3.1.0 folder. When asked to replace existing files, select OK.
  5. Open _application/config/shop_manager.php. Change sm_version to 3.1.1.
    Find the "date_global_time_24hr" setting. On the next line, add: $config['date_job_notes'] = "F jS, Y - g:i A"; Find the "send_email_on_checkout" setting. On the next line add: $config['send_tech_new_jobs'] = TRUE; Save & Close.
  6. Open _application/language/english/sm_lang.php. Before the closing "end of file" message, add the following: // Job Types
    $lang['sm_job_type_1'] = "Desktop";
    $lang['sm_job_type_2'] = "Notebook";
    $lang['sm_job_type_3'] = "Other";