ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Installation Instructions

Release Notes:

Known Bugs


  1. Login to my.iFetch and download the latest version of ShopManager.

  2. Create Database & User (in cPanel or similar)
  3. Copy all files to your server via (S)FTP. Be sure to install ShopManager in the root domain or subdomain (e.g., - not a subfolder (

  4. Open _application/config/shop_manager.default.php
  5. Edit settings as appropriate, and rename file to shop_manager.php

  6. Open _application/config/email.php
  7. Edit settings as appropriate.

  8. Open _application/language/english/sm_lang.default.php
  9. Edit settings as appropriate, and rename file to sm_lang.php

  10. Browse to "http://{yourdomain}/install.php" in your web browser, follow the prompts.
  11. Now, delete the install.php and install.sql files from the root of your ShopManager installation. Failure to do so is a security risk!

  12. Next, there are several settings that should be edited for your ShopManager to be best customised to suit your business. These include:
  13. That's It! Whilst there is more you can do to customise your ShopManager install, that's enough to get you started!