ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

CustomerConsole Installation Instructions

Important Release Notes:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Login to my.iFetch and download the latest version of the CustomerCentral.

  2. Copy all files to your server via (S)FTP. We only support use of root domains and subdomains, NOT subfolders (i.e., not
    This must be a different domain or subdomain to your ShopManager installation.

  3. If your CustomerCentral is NOT on the same server as your ShopManager installation, skip to step 5.

  4. Open index.php, and find, around line 10:
  5. define('SM', 'C:\Server\www\ShopManager_v3');
  6. Edit the directory ('C:\Server\www\ShopManager_v3' in the example above) to point to your ShopManager installation. This is the file directory, not the URL. Then, skip to step 8.

  7. Copy _application/language/english/sm_lang.php from your ShopManager installation to CC's _application/language/english directory (Overwrite the existing file). Open the cc_lang.php file in the same CC directory, find, around line 35: include(SM.'\_application\language\english\sm_lang.php'); And change it to: // include(SM.'\_application\language\english\sm_lang.php');
  8. Copy the following files from your ShopManager installation replacing their counterparts in the CustomerCentral installation:
    • _application/config/database.php
    • _application/config/email.php
    • _application/config/shop_manager.php
    • _application/language/english/biz_lang.php
    • _application/language/english/sm_lang.php

  9. Open _application/config/database.php and edit the settings as appropriate to connect to your ShopManager database.

  10. If you have made any changes to invoice and receipt templates, copy your templates to CC's _application/views/templates folder.

  11. Your CustomerCentral should now be fully installed. Be sure to test it thoroughly, including any template changes you make, before putting it into production.