ShopManager User Guide - v3.1.5

Admin -> Settings

Location: {Your_SM_URL}/admin/settings/

Look & Feel

Theme Choose your colour theme from the drop-down.


On Account Show only a summary of items on account, or list each individual invoice/job/onsite/computer.
# of upcoming on-sites The number of on-site jobs to list on the dashboard.
Invoices Due List items overdue, or all unpaid.


Add Default Fee Add a default fee to service jobs (If no, the following settings are not used)
Default Fee Name Name/Label of default fee for non-priority jobs.
Default Fee Cost Price of default fee for non-priority jobs (no symbols, numbers only).
Priority Fee Name Name/Label of default fee for priority jobs.
Priority Fee Cost Price of default fee for priority jobs (no symbols, numbers only).


Sort on-sites by Sort on-sites by ID or Scheduled time (on dashboard and upcoming jobs pages)
Default Hourly Rate Price of default hourly rate for on-site jobs (no symbols, numbers only).
Bill 1/2 Hours If yes, on-sites will be billed in 1/2 hour increments.
Bill Minimum 1 Hr If yes, on-sites will be billed the first whole hour.


Show Invoice # Show invoice number field (for external account programs) on jobs, on-sites, invoices and computers.


Signature Line Show signature line on printed receipts & invoices.


License Key Your license key. If you need your key, it can be viewed from my.iFetch.
Check For Updates If yes, ShopManager will check if a newer version is available, and display a message on the dashboard.
Page Title Browser page title prefix.
Page Heading Heading as displayed on all ShopManager pages.
Currency Label Name of currency - displayed on invoices.
Currency Symbol Currency symbol - accepts symbols ($, €, £, etc), HTML codes (£, €, etc.), or alpha-numeric characters (Rs., Ir., etc).
Enable Dymo Printing Turn on/off dymo label print buttons.


Send Email on new Job Sends email on booking of new service job or on-site/remote job.
Send Email on Checkout Sends email on checkout of service job or on-site/remote job.
Send Technician Emails Shows technician email/sms options on job/on-site booking pages.